Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The H.O.H. Project: Making a Plan Part 1

Once I got the idea to really work on making our house the home we want it to be, I knew that I would need two main things before I could actually start. 1) Get Mr. Cherry on board with me. 2) Sit down together and make a plan.
The first wasn't a problem at all. Mr. Cherry isn't a stuff kind of guy. In fact, he is kind of the opposite of a stuff guy. I, however, am a stuff girl. I like stuff and I like to buy stuff. So when I broached the topic of de-cluttering and organizing our home it took him less than a second to not only jump on the bandwagon, but start navigating it. Getting your household on the same page when it comes to reorganizing is important for several reasons. There are going to be some big changes going on. You want to make sure that this doesn't take anyone by surprise. You are going to need some help in instituting your plans. You are going to appreciate having someone there to hold you accountable. If you have older children you will want to bring them into the plan as well.
Once your family is on board, it is time to make a plan. Mr. Cherry and I set aside an evening once the girls were in bed to talk about our goals and get some plans down on paper. We discussed areas of the house that needed work. We made a list of projects that needed to be completed. And we noted items that we could get rid of to create more room in our home. It is important to remember here that your home is more than the four walls that create your house. Your home is also the people who live within these walls. We included on our lists personal goals and family goals to reflect this.
I have been making great progress in the de-cluttering department. I will share more on that in the next few entries.

Making our House our Home: Introduction

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Emily said...

What a fabulous series! Can't wait to see your progress!