Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just Playing Around

I have lots going on these days, but it all is revolving around our home and family. Two things that have been weighing on my heart as of late. We are making some changes for the better around here. Nothing big, just lots of littles that I am hoping will add up to make a big difference.  I will make sure and update you all when I have all of my ducks in a row.
For now, here are some pictures of the girls just playing around the last few weeks. 
Peachy is her usual artistic self. She had Mr. Cherry and I creating our own kites last night after Cream was in bed. She was loving having both of our complete attention. She has this great DIY monologue that she runs through with projects. It cracks me up.

And while I was working on a project outside, she created some art of her own. She started with sidewalk chalk and then added bubble solution to create a wet application. The girl is creative.

Now that our weather has been a bit cooler, we have been hitting up lots of the parks around here. We are so blessed to have many wonderful parks to choose from in our area. It is fun now that Cream can enjoy them a little bit as well. (Sometimes it isn't so much the toys as the mulch that is interesting though.)

While Mr. Cherry was grilling the other night, I plopped both girls into the sandbox. Peachy was excited to have Cream join her and Cream was in heaven feeling the sand. She may have even thrown a fit when I took her out for supper.

Sometimes it is important for me to remember that these are the days for just playing around. If nothing else gets accomplished, that is okay.

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Lisa said...

Hope everything is ok with you guys...

Love the little artistic projects you're working on with Peachy! :)