Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Camping July 2012

Camping plays a key role in the story of how Mr. Cherry and I started dating. I went to college with his brother and sister-in-law. Throughout our four years of college, we camped together several times. When we graduated and ended up living in the same area, we continued our camping adventures. One summer I suggested that we invite Mr. Cherry along. (I may have had ulterior motives.) Instead of his brother calling to invite him, they gave me his number. When I called, Mr. Cherry agreed to come along despite the fact that he never really liked camping. (He may have had ulterior motives.) Over the next few years, Mr. Cherry and I camped many more times and he grew to love it. So, in staying true to our roots, we continue to camp as a family. And while camping isn't quite as relaxing as it was in the days before kids, it is still a family activity that we all enjoy.

Every summer we try to go camping with our friends the Bs. Last month we met up at another state park. Between the two families we have 5 kids under 5, which always makes for an adventure. While it was hot and buggy, we both enjoyed ourselves. There were hiking excursions, shared meals, and night time campfires. This time we opted out of the tent and rented a camper cabin for our family. 

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Lisa said...

Aww, that story is cute! You turned him into a camper!

I can't say that I enjoy camping at all, but your photos are adorable! I'll stick to my hotels :)