Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baby Cream: 11 months Old

Amidst all of the wedding celebrating, Cream turned 11 months old. And quite the 11 month old she is! Cream is still on a mission to move. (As these month's pictures attest to.) When she isn't walking with our assistance, she is constantly pulling herself up and cruising the furniture. (Sometimes it seems as if she can't help herself. Baths are getting to be a big challenge. Every time I sit her down in the tub she pulls herself up on the side.) If there isn't a way for her to cruise to her destination she quickly drops to her knees and crawls there. Unfortunately all of this movement has its draw backs. She often tries stunts that are beyond what she can do. I am pretty sure that she will be the one to need stitches someday, not Peachy.
Cream's eating has really taken off in the last month as well. She now insists on eating what we are eating. I still sneak in some baby food when I think that she might need a little bit extra. She has also learned about sweets, specifically ice cream. Her first bite is always hilarious as she scrunches up her face in reaction to the cold. But she quickly gets over it and begs for more. Peachy always wants to share with her, which is sweet, but I have to be careful she doesn't give her something she shouldn't. I still am nursing three times a day and am not in a hurry to be done. It just seems so natural and convenient at this point. I weaned Peachy at 12 months, so we will see what the next month brings for Cream.
Language development, both verbal and nonverbal, is also significant right now. Cream loves to wave at anyone she sees and sometimes at no one at all. :o) She also loves to clap and sign more. We have been playing peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake, too. Her main words are still Momma and Dadda. I really do think that there are others in there as well like ball and baby and some other family members.
While Cream enjoys being on the go, she also loves being outside. She will calmly sit in a stroller even if it isn't moving as long as there is plenty to see. Mr. Cherry often takes her out in the garage with him and she sits contentedly watching him work. However, when she sees me, she often whines for me to come and hold her. (That is what I get for being the current favorite.) Overall, though, she is a content soon to be one year old.

Her hair is also coming in more and more and most people comment on the color. If only I had a quarter for every time I am out with the girls and asked about their dad's hair color.
Happy 11 months, our sweet little girl!


Lisa said...

Aww, looking so pretty in her little dress! I can tell she's quite the clapper :)

Jody Dittrich said...

Hannah will be 18 months next week and she shows no signs of wanting nursing to be over. I know the new guidance is two years, and I'm cool with that, but I feel myself growing a bit antsy and hope we don't have any weaning battles ahead of us.