Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Belaying Baby

For the most part, our last week has been spent in "take it easy mode." Both girls have had colds of the eternal snotty nose variety. They both took turns having rough nights and now just seem to be taking their time in lessening the snot flow. (Sorry if that grosses you out. :o) Thankfully both slept through the night the last two nights. Ahhhhh! Colds and kids are no fun, but kids with summer colds are even worse. Oh well.
In other news, we have a climber. I was always so thankful that Peachy wasn't the climbing type. I would hear the horror stories from other parents of their kids that just couldn't help themselves from climbing anything and everything. And I would be so happy that our child wasn't one of them. Well, now it is my turn to have the climber. While she has yet to take an independent step, our Cream is a climber. If it is off the ground, it is meant to be climbed. She loves the stools in the bathroom.
She loves to climb the side table.
This weekend she climbed a small outside chair and was standing on it which she followed up by standing on top of a riding toy to try and climb a big chair. Yup, we have a climber.


Lisa said...

Look at her go! The climbing freaks me out as they get bigger and try more daring things. That bathroom tile just seems so dangerous if they hit their head. But she's growing up so fast!

How do you like that little step in the bathroom? I've been looking for something similar to paint and decorate for Connor when he's ready.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

SHe is such a cutie!!! I'm so afraid of the time when Henry climbs and walks and crawls… and also excited for it, too.