Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Freezing Time

Do any of you remember that early 90s sitcom, Out of This World? I don't know what dusty corner of my brain that reference was sitting in, but somehow I found it. (How is that possible? How can we remember a sitcom from our childhood, but not remember what we went to the grocery store for?) Anyway, the girl on that show was able to freeze time. Do you remember that? Right now that is what I am wishing for. The ability to freeze time. I am not thinking in a sappy way. To freeze the time I am at in my life right now, rather to freeze the rest of the world and allow me to get a bunch of things done. I just don't have the hours in the day right now. I have so many things that I would love to get accomplished and then the end of the day always comes. I don't know how those of you who work get anything done at home. And those of you with more than two children, how do you do it?? Honestly, how do you do it??!!!
I will look at our clothes hampers and think, how did they get to be so full, I just did laundry. Then I start to think about it and realize that the last time I did laundry was a week ago. Or I look at the calendar thinking that it is Monday and then realize that it is really Wednesday. Really?? How did I miss Monday and Tuesday?
One of the things that suffers when I get busy is this blog. I am okay with that. This is just a fun hobby for me. I don't make money from this blog. (That is if you don't count Ad Sense, which I am still waiting for the magical $100 thresh hold to cash in on. :o) So, please forgive me while I go on living my life. I will update you when I get the time. Or when I get the power to freeze the world.


Shelby @ The Bean Sprout Notes said...

Here's a little inspiration for your day: I wrote about you on my blog today! Check it out:

Kim said...

Ha! I remember that show.. But have no idea where my car keys are at any given time of day.

Remember Small Wonder? That was awesome too. And Alf.. Oh baby.. now you have me all full of nostalgia!

Anonymous said...

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