Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Used To Be a Morning Person

I used to be a morning person, that is before Cream decided that waking her momma up multiple times a night would be a fun pastime to take up. I can vaguely remember the days where  I would wake up and tackle a do to list with pleasure. Days where I would have energy and a desire to see what I could all accomplish. Now, I usually call it a good day if the girls and I are all up, dressed, and wearing clean clothes when Mr. Cherry makes it home from work. I feel as if I am back to that newborn stage with her. I am about ready to see if the moms group that I belong to is willing to start bringing meals again like they did when Cream was born. Actually I think that she slept better when she was a few weeks old than she has been the last month.
We still swaddle. That magical wrap that was such a blessing at the beginning is now a bit of a curse. She still does really well in the swaddle. It keeps her hands away from her face and pacifier when she is trying to fall asleep. However, she has become quite the Houdini, able to escape pretty much whatever swaddle we throw at her. Upon her escape, she acts as if it certainly must be morning. We hear her chatting away in the Pack and Play batting at the screen walls with her free hands and arms. I know that it is time to break the swaddle habit, but I am just too tired.
Did you catch that she is still in the Pack and Play which means that she is still in our closet. I think she would probably sleep better if she were down in her crib in her sister's room. I think that, but am too tired to try it for fear of having to run up and down the stairs all night long. And for fear that she would ruin her sister's good sleeping habits.
Last night, or maybe early this morning, I allowed her to cry for a bit because frankly I had just collapsed back into bed from the second trip to her "room" in five minutes time. She cried for less than three minutes and then was quiet. That girl is seven months old and is playing us. She knows that if she cries mom will come and take care of her and if mom comes to take care of her enough she might even earn a trip to the comfy cozy location known as mom and dad's bed. And sometimes if she is really lucky she earns a nice night cap of warm milk. Oh yeah, the girl knows how to play her cards.
I am longing for a solid night of sleep. At this point I would settle for 6 hours. That would be great.


Lisa said...

Poor you! What are you swaddling with?

Connor is still swaddled too, but he breaks out every night. In a way, I'm hoping this kind of teaches him to sleep without it. I don't think we could go cold turkey with it because he really needs it right when we put him down.

Hope you get some rest tonight!

Anonymous said...

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