Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Cream: 7 Months

So this is a little late. 2 weeks to be exact. Oh well. We will call it Cream's 7 and one half month post. Baby Cream has really grown in the last month and a half, both in stature and what she does. Even people who see her fairly regularly have commented this month on how much she is changing. She really isn't a little baby anymore and she knows it. She is so aware of what is going on around her and seems to want to be a part of everything. The funny thing is that she still really isn't mobile, so she can only observe the action, for now.

She has embraced the solid food movement wholeheartedly. She enjoys most of the foods that I have given her with the current exception of an orange/banana medley. She has even convinced me to give her a few bites of our food on occasion. (See, she thinks that she is one of the big people.) Unfortunately, she has been a stinker about taking a bottle lately. I think that she holds out for solids or milk straight from momma. She is getting really good at the finger foods, too. Whenever I get the puffs out she literally dives at them as I put them on her tray. While sippy cups are still a bit confusing, she has gotten a few drinks from a regular cup and thinks that is just great.

One of the things that makes her seem so much more developed is that she is able to hold herself up so well now. She can sit unasisted, but I am hesitant to walk away as she will suddenly make a dive for something and topple over. And although she hasn't mastered the art of rolling from front to back (she only rolls from back to front) she holds herself up so well when she is on her stomach. I just know that she will figure it out one day and be off and rolling.

As for night sleep, we are getting there. We have been letting her cry it out when she wakes up at night and that is working. She is slowly stretching out her night sleep more and more. Once in a while she surprises us and sleeps through the night. She is swaddle free however. I just got fed up with her always busting out of the swaddle and pretty much stopped cold turkey. She still sleeps in a sleep sack, though. And, like her sister, she usually ends up on her tummy.

We had her in for her second dose of the flu shot and to get her ears checked last week. That all went well. It was interesting to find out that in that month's time she went from 16 pounds and 9 ounces to 18 pounds and 11 ounces. I knew that she had been growing, but it was fun to see just how much. (It is also fun to think that she has gained just over ten pounds from birth.) The doctor did prescribe some antibiotic drops for her goopy eye. She hates, hates, hates getting them. I am lucky if I even get one in before she goes into all out crazy mode. (I can't believe how tight she can squeeze that eye shut!) However, they seem to be working! Her eye hasn't been mattery at all in the last few days. I am hopful that this solves the clogged tear duct, but time will tell.

And finally, my little smiley girl has two prominent bottom center teeth now. It is so fun to see her flash that toothy grin at us. I am pretty sure she is working on some more the way she is ALWAYS chewing on something. We will just have to see when they decide to pop through and join the fun.


Lisa said...

Wow! She's grown so much! Great smile on that first pic and I love the laundry basket one too. Getting teeth and sitting on her thing you know she'll be running around the house!

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