Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm Loving It . . . April 2012

Here are some of the products and items that have been making my life a little easier and better lately. Enjoy!
*Old Navy Activewear: Since I now belong to a gym I feel as if I must look slightly presentable when working out. And, you know nothing motivates a good workout like cute workout gear. I was able to buy a few new pieces at the Old Navy Stuff and Save event this month. I really like the compression leggings and the sports bras.

*Mio Liquid Water Enhancer: I have to be honest here. When I first saw these little grey packs being advertised I made fun of them. Then I realized that they were little flavor shots for your water. I am not always the biggest water drinker and these really do help me to drink more water. Just a squirt in my glass and away I go.
*Philadelphia Chocolate Cream Cheese: I know I have mentioned it on here before, but I really don't think I can mention it enough. I love a legitimate way to eat chocolate for breakfast. This new chocolate spread from Philadelphia Cream Cheese is just the ticket. Spread it on baked goods, fruit, your cereal and bam! chocolate for breakfast without anyone batting an eye!


Emily said...

I love buying work out clothes. Then I just need to remember to wear them to the gym instead of around the house to look gym-y. Ha! Cute top!

Lisa said...

I keep seeing that cream cheese and I always want to buy it. Then I decide I shouldn't be eating that and put it back :)

Laura said...

I love the Mio, too - I made myself gag down water before, but now actually drink at least 3-4 glasses during the school day - my health, energy, skin, etc. has improved so much!