Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Home Again!!

Last week Peachy and I skipped out of town for a visit with my family. My younger sister was graduating from college and my older sister was coming to town for the occasion. By coming to town, I mean, taking a series of long flights that lasted over a day to be with us again after being overseas for two years. My grandma, Nana, was also there. So it was a pretty exciting week. Peachy got to know her Auntie Ya and we all got to just hang out as a family again. Here are a few highlights of the week.
Reading with Nana.
Hanging out with Grandpa and Auntie Em.

Hanging out clothes with Grandma.

Relaxing with Auntie Em.


Spending time with Auntie "Ah."


Jena said...

I can't believe your sister is old enough to graduate college! Wow!

Jena said...

Oh and Peachy is adorable!