Thursday, May 5, 2011

24 Weeks with Number Two

Little Cream is busy growing, growing, growing right now. It amazes me that all of his/hers major organs and structures are all in place at this time. On the pregnancy front, nothing really new to report. The doctor was happy with everything he saw last week. Well, everything, except the amount of weight that I have gained in the last few months. Whoops. So this last week brought about some changes diet wise for me. It isn't easy to steer clear of the empty calories, but I am trying. As the doctor said, "You don't want to grow a baby bigger than you can deliver." So true!
We got another sneak peek at our Cream as well. (S)he is still doing well. They got most of the pictures they couldn't last time, minus the complete spine. The baby was lying on its back making life difficult for the tech, but looking oh so cute. Since we haven't heard back, we will assume that the radiologist was happy with what  was there and that we won't need another ultrasound next time. We also got some 3-D images this time. I have never had that before. There were some excellent face shots for us. This baby looks a lot like its big sister!
Next up? The one hour glucose test. Despite what I have heard from other pregnant moms, I really didn't mind it last time.

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Danielle said...

You are the cutest prego lady! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!