Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Tarnished Arches

On my way home from a productive day of school prep work, I decided to treat myself to an iced coffee treat from Mickey D's. Just as I angled my car toward the drive-thru, three other cars appeared. Seeing as the parking lot was all but vacant, I decided that it would be quicker to just park and go in. Hind sight being 50/50, I now know that wasn't the best choice. And here is why:
I step inside to see one other customer at the counter. So far, so good. The helpful McDonalds' employee does her job and enters the order into the computer. As I step up to the register she calls out, "Who is going to ring if I am supposed to be in the back?" And by calls out, I really mean shouts in my face.
As she heads to "the back" a very nice and helpful young man steps into take her place. Until this point he is the only employee that I could see working. I am wondering why he had to come over when I could clearly see three other employees engaged in other non-work related activities. (i.e. looking at a teen friend's iPod, leaning against the counter and contemplating life, and standing still waiting for a cheeseburger from "the back.")
As I place my order the manager steps into sight. She is a middle-aged woman who--how to say this nicely?--is young at heart. I can only assume that her eyebrow piercing, tongue ring (which I saw later), and unnatural hair color are attempts at relating to her staff. Now that the manager is here, maybe some work will be done, I think to myself. Maybe I will get my coffee. Nope. First she starts bragging on her gaming skills to the teen with the iPod. Then she tells another teen to hide and jump out and surprise someone who is on their way in the door. (Kinda glad that someone wasn't me.)
It may be at this time that she notices there are actual customers in the restaurant. In order to show us that she is the manager and can run this fast food place she shouts to "the back" that she wants good work tonight with everyone getting along and no whining. (What is this--Hell's Kitchen?) To follow up that great display, she sees my order and quickly mixes up my drink and hands it over to me apologizing for the wait.
Yeah, I think that she has more than the wait to apologize for.

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