Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CYO Pillowcase

That's right folks, it's a Create-Your-Own day here on the old blog. This weekend I had laid some grand creative plans. (You do know what they say about the best laid plans? I woke up with a slight head cold, but decided to push on through.) I wanted to tackle the curtains that I have been planning for the bedrooms. I had been searching for just the right fabrics for a few weeks and ended up finding them right under my nose in my very own fabric stash. (Imagine that, liking what you already have?!!) I had also found some fun cowgirl fabric that I think I had bought to make myself a pillowcase. (Ever since I lived in Montana I have been a little bit obsessed with all things western. Jenny's grandpa even bestowed on me the nickname of Montana Molly.)
Anyway, I decided to start on the pillowcase as I would be making use of my new-to-me serger and wanted a test project. Well, I got the pillowcase done and then promptly decided that I needed to make use of it for the rest of the day. (That slight head cold had turned my nose into a non-stop faucet and had inflated my head to three times its normal size. At least I could be sick in style with my brand new pillowcase!!) I think that M is relieved that I am the one who makes use of this and not him. He was a bit concerened that it was going on our bed. :o)


Emily said...

You mean to tell me that M doesn't want to lay his head on a pin-up cowgirl pillowcase? Excellent sewing - I've made two curtains with my sewing machine, you can't exactly say that it's used often.

Kristi said...

Geesh, what is his problem? ;o)
I enjoy sewing and am looking forward to doing it a bit more often now that I have a sewing/crafting room. Also, having a serger helps.

Smith Family said...

Yew-Haw, Montana Molly! You know Grandpa would have gotten the biggest kick out of knowing he made it on your blog, he'd have had to share that with the golf cronies. :)