Monday, August 25, 2008

My Husband (aka "The Ox")

With a title like that, you may think that I am getting ready to brag-up my husband. But one look at the pictures will show you otherwise. (Don't worry, I love my husband dearly and will proudly brag him up on many occasions.) And now for an explanation. When we bought our home, the final cost did not include grading the yard. Since M has landscaping experience, we figured we could do it ourselves and save some money. One day M was talking to a friend at church and the friend brought up the fact that he graded his own yard with a contraption made up of a couple of landscape timbers that were lashed together. Our friend would drag the timbers around his yard with a long rope attached to the front. The farm boy in M thought that this was a great idea. And so we went and picked up our friend's contraption and M began dragging it around the yard. I do have to admit that the yard is starting to look really good. I told M that it was his project and therefore he could do it whatever way he wanted to. I did warn him that he may forever be known as Ox-Boy in the neighborhood, though. If you look at the pictures you can see the neighbors and some of their friends at a recent party looking out at M. (You will have to determine what it is they are thinking.)
The engineer in M thought that a few modifications were in order. At first he looked at attaching rake heads to the timbers but settled for sinking some screws in. Later he found a scrap piece of wood the builders has left behind. You can see him attaching it in the pictures. As he was out working last night I heard one neighbor offer him the use of his riding mower to drag it, but M declined. He figures this way he is also getting a work out. :o)
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Smith Family said...

Does the fact that I don't find this all that strange an idea mean I've been married into the family for too long??

Emily said...

LoL, soo funny. We were going to do our own landscaping, too, but when it kept getting put off, I hired it out. Post afters when you have them!

Smith Family said...

You can take the man out of the landscape crew, but you can't take the landscape crew out of the man! Rock on Bro! (By the way, where is the Sargent's shirt?)