Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Peachy 4.5

This month Peachy turned 4 and a half. We are six months away from five years old! Peachy has really grown up lately. She looks much more mature to me and acts the same.
She is still as creative as ever, always having an idea for a project. Some of her art and projects truly amaze me. She really has a creative mind. We also do some preschool everyday. She knows all of her upper and lowercase letters and has started to do a little sounding out. (Although she is a bit hesitant.)
She is also grasping numbers and always asking me what this plus that equals. (Keeps me on my tows and my mind sharp, I tell you.) She loves attending our church's Sunday School and it is a true joy to watch her little faith grow and blossom. She recently sang with the other children in Sunday School in front of the church and she stood up there and sang her heart out.
Before bed each night she asks for a story from one of her children's Bibles and loves learning "Jesus" songs. We downloaded some children's Christian music onto her little mp3 boombox and it makes my heart so happy to hear her and Cream singing along with the truths of God's word.
We started both girls in gymnastics three weeks ago and she loves her class. (Unfortunately I am with Cream during her class time so I don't get to see much of what she is up to.) We still attend our parent and child class offered through our state and city. She is the oldest one in the class and it is fun watching her be a leader in there.
She is thoroughly excited to be a big sister again and will often hug and pat my tummy. (As well as marvel at how big it is getting. :o)
She is also being an excellent sister to Cream. It has been so much fun watching them bond more and more in the recent months. They will play and play some days. (And some days they will fight and fight. Ah, sisterly love.)
What a blessing and joy to watch this little girl grow and flourish in our home and family.

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Lisa said...

Wow, almost 5! Such a big girl already! It's amazing to see her growing up through all your pictures. :)