Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cream 2.3

I figured I would be remiss to do a post on Peachy and not one on Cream. Beside, there are so many great things that I want to remember about my Sweet Cream right now. While the saying is terrible twos, I really love this age! Don't get me wrong, we butt heads plenty. And her stubborn personality is indeed a challenge, but their little personalities that are coming out so strongly right now are so irresistible.

As I said, Miss Cream has a side of her that is all stubborn and prickly, but she her other sweet and charming side outweighs it by far. Maybe she is like prickly pear jelly in that way?? :o) Cream loves her Peachy, mommy, and daddy. She is the best snuggler. And even asks for "nuggles" now. How can I resist??!! She will also come up to us and ask us "You play with me?" Irresistible!

She is a little chatterbox and likes to try to out talk her sister in words and volume. Here are just a few of her great quotes:

"Love you soon!" When she is saying goodbye to someone.
"Daddy no say love you me!" After Mr. Cherry had left for work one morning and she had forgotten that he really had said goodbye.
"Daddy, don't cry when the puppy bites you!" Out of nowhere one day to Mr. Cherry.
"Cars are driving crazy!" When we were out on the interstate one recent day.

I love to hear her little voice chime in with mealtime and bedtime prayers. And her singing voice is simply sweet. Her favorite song is "Jesus Loves Me." She will even sing it to her dolls when she is pretending to put them to bed.

She is very good at starting arguments with her sister. Four year olds are sticklers for the rules and facts and it drives Peachy nuts when Cream spouts off some sort of untruth. For example, she loves to say that she is four and Peachy is two. Ha! That gets her every time! She is very adamant that she is in the right and uses phrases like, "Yes it is!" "No it is not!"
She is such a little blessing to our family. I know she will be in for a bit of a shock in February when little Shortcake comes along, but I know she will adjust and be an awesome big sister.

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