Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July Garden Update

I thought that it was time to post an update on the garden! You can see the first post for this year here. First of all, the wild flower garden in the front has exploded! It is really fun to see what comes up every year. I am liking this year's flowers even more than last year.
The herb boxes are doing well. In fact, the cilantro has already gone to seed. I need to look into keeping cilantro around longer. And the veggie gardens are also coming along. The spinach is done and the lettuce will be soon. The tomato plants finally took off!

I even found some little green tomatoes coming. Can't wait to bite into a juicy homegrown tomato!


Elisabeth said...

If you pinch off the plants as the flowers start forming, you can usually keep it a bit longer. Same goes for basil and parsley and any herbs, really. But let the cilantro go to seed and dry out; collect them and save them for coriander. Grind them up really, really fine in a coffee grinder and you have some nice spice for adding to tacos or other Mexican/southwestern dishes. You could also plant some more cilantro and you'd probably get another bunch before the end of the growing season.

Emily @ imperfect said...

Looks great! Our tomato is not looking like it's going to produce this summer - I'll live vicariously through yours!