Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Heat Transfer Shirt

I know that I owe you a post on my Silhouette. I will make sure and get going on that! In the meantime, here is a new project I tried on it! Inspired by all of the cute shirts that Kim at NewlyWoodwards has been making lately, I decided it was time to give the heat transfer a try.

A while back, like several years ago, my friend and I had talked about making a shirt like this for her son. I finally got around to making it and giving it to him for his birthday. I used the Silhouette heat transfer material. I was very happy with how it cut. I did have some difficulty in getting it to stay on the shirt in certain parts. In the end I took the plastic backing off and just used a press cloth in some areas. I can't speak to how well it will hold up in the wash as I didn't wash it before gifting it. I am excited with all of the possibilities that using this heat transfer offers.

1 comment:

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Suuuuper cute! Love the color shirt, too!

I've had hit or miss luck with washing. Turning it inside out to wash helps, but it's not perfect.