Monday, July 22, 2013

Gone Fishing

Did I mention that when we went camping at the beginning of the month I neglected to bring along my camera? Thankfully the friend we went with was happy to take pictures for me and share them with me. (Thanks Rachel!) Since this was the girls' first time fishing, there were some especially good ones that I am so happy to have. So this is a huge photo dump of our fun times on the boat!
Cream is ready for some boating.

Maybe not quite as ready now that we are making her wear a life jacket.

Peachy's got the oar in case of motor failure.

Peachy and her friend M.

Cream and her friend M.

Time to start fishing!

Not too sure about the fish thing.

And she's sold!

Even a kiss

Cream's turn

Let's see what she gets

Just the right size!

Closest she gets to giving a kiss

Mr. Cherry's big catch of the day!

A great day on the lake!


Lisa said...

How cute! That's impressive that they enjoyed it and were patient enough for it too!

Anonymous said...

That was one crazy boat ride! Happy we didn't tip and no one got hurt. :)