Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Beautiful Day

Our Mother's Day was pretty low key in these parts. We had hosted Peachy's birthday the day before and I think low key is just what we needed. My parents were still in town, so that was something special. We went to church as a family as we do most every Sunday. But there is something extra special about practicing our faith together on a day that celebrates some of life's biggest blessings--mothers and children.

We came home and Mr. Wonderful fired up the grill. While he cooked the brats I took care of tossing together a quick salad. My dad played in the yard with the girls and my mom talked over the phone to my sisters.

After lunch and naps and my parents heading for home, the four of us headed outside to enjoy a gorgeous day. Mr. Cherry and the girls planted seeds for our garden while I enjoyed some down time. I love these pictures that I was able to snap of a dad and his children. Even if the holiday is about celebrating mothers, for me it is about celebrating my family and the blessings they bring to my every day life.

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