Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fun Fall Family Photos

Here are a few of the pictures from our fall family photo shoot. This is the very shoot where I lost my engagement ring. Since the pictures turned out awesome, I will say that they were worth temporarily misplacing my ring. Good thing! :)

And there are even more! Can you believe it!!?? If you are local, let me know and I can totally hook you up with Nina and her awesome photography skills!
Oh, and my plan to look through the pictures and locate the ring would have worked. You could easily tell I lost it while we were playing in the leaves.


Lisa said...

These are adorable! The close-ups and the ones in the leaves are my favorites. I'm still in shock over how you found the ring later!

Jenny Pufahl said...

Awesome pics! How did you manage to get so many smiles?

The Bean Sprout Notes said...

What a great family photo shoot. They all look adorable! How will you ever choose which ones to print?