Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And We're Off Again . . .

Cream has been perfecting her walking moves over the last month. Shortly after her 1st birthday she started piecing together a few steps at a time. She has been gradually adding on, literally, one step at a time. While she still crawls, she is walking more and more. She can get completely across a room at this point. It is still a zombie-like walk, but she gets the job done. Here is a short video I shot the other day. I clipped the end where she does a nice face plant because her momma is too busy holding the camera to catch her. (Didn't want anyone to report me. :o)
She has even improved from this point in the last few says. It is so fun to see her getting better and better. She is pretty happy with herself these days and lets her face show it.
I had fun looking back at the blog the other night at Peachy at this age. Here is the post I made when Peachy started walking.

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Lisa said...

Look at her go! She looks so happy and proud of herself!