Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Daily Routine

I always enjoy seeing how other families spend their days. And essentially how they differ from our own and how they are the same. For that reason and for posterity sake, I thought I would publish what our daily routine looks like. I hesitate to say schedule as no two of our days are the same.

6 am: Cream usually wakes up around 6. If we are lucky it is 6:30. If we aren't lucky it is before 6. I go down and bring her up to our room where I nurse her in bed. Mr. Cherry gets up and gets ready for work sometime in here. After Cream is done eating, she and I get Mr. Cherry's lunch packed and make a cup of coffee for me and a thermos for him. Once Mr. Cherry leaves for work, she and I hang out until Peachy wakes up. Quite often you can find us watching the Today show.
8 am: Peachy wakes up sometime between 7 and 8. She still won't get out of her room by herself. (I consider this a mixed blessing.) So, Cream and I head down to get her up.
8:30 am: Cream goes down for her first nap of the day between 8 and 9. I try to hit the shower while Cream is napping. Peachy usually catches a PBS show. Then Peachy and I eat breakfast together. Lately we often head out to the yard and do some watering.
10 am: Most often Cream is up and after getting her some breakfast now is the time to head out if we have plans for the morning. This could be a playdate, a trip to the library, or errands.
12 noon: Lunch time. I normally heat up some leftovers for Peachy and I and feed Cream while we eat.
1 pm: Time for Cream's second nap of the day and Peachy and I hang out together. Maybe we do some baking, crafting, or just plain be.
2 pm: Once Cream is up it is time for Peachy to take a nap. (Sometimes I do nap times together and sometimes I don't. It works out better for the girls to take them separately. Once one is up they are both up. However, that golden half hour of alone time is precious. So I go back and forth.)
2:30 pm: I nurse Cream again.
3:30 pm: Another opportunity to head out if we need to. (Store, gym, park) Also time for Peachy to have a snack if she wants.
6:30 pm: Mr Cherry gets home from work and we all eat supper together.
7 pm: Bedtime for Cream. (Also bath time about twice a week.) I take her down, nurse her, and put her to bed.
8 pm: Peachy's bedtime. Mr. Cherry usually handles this. She goes to the bathroom, brushes teeth, gets on diapers and pjs. We also read to her and sing songs before putting her to bed.
8:30 pm: Adult time. Unfortunately by this point we are pretty much worn out and all that I feel like doing is lazing around. Sometimes I head to the gym after putting Cream down, but only once in a while.
9:30 pm: We are early to bed kind of people, so Mr. Cherry and I normally are lights out by 10pm.

Sorry, no pictures this time. Maybe some day I will have an electronic device that hooks up to the internet with which I can take pictures, but until then you will have to use your imaginations. :o)

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Lisa said...

Interesting to read! You make it sound so leisurely and fun! I'm sure it's not all peaches & cream (pun intended), but it sounds like such a fun way to spend your days!

And look at you working out at 8:30! Crazy girl!