Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby Cream: 10 Months Old

Not only is Cream 10 months old, but her development is exploding right now. It seems like everyday she is learning/doing something new. It is such a dynamic time. She is really moving and shaking in the gross motor department this month. She is able to make some tracks with her army crawl and we have even caught her in a regular crawl a few times. Usually she doesn't realize that she is moving and once she does she pancakes and scoots on her belly. I am starting to think that she may skip most of the crawling stage all together, though. She always wants to be standing and walking while either holding our hands or a walking toy. She has pulled herself up several times and is starting to cruise the furniture as well. She is also now able to get up from the floor into the sitting position. I am amazed at her drive to be up and moving.
Her verbal skills have also exploded over the past month. "Ba" used to be all that she would really say. Now she says "ba," "ma," "da," and "na." I am pretty sure that at times her" mama" is referring to me and her "dada" referring to her daddy. And quite often when she waves she says "ba-ba" so I think she is saying bye-bye. She has also developed some volume in the past month. That girl can really yell when she wants to. I often have to tell her to be a little quieter. :o)
She is more interested in anything that isn't her toy. The remote, the phone, Peachy's toys all are favored over anything intended for her. She also has become a big fan of pointing. It is so fun watching her little finger point out the world around her.
We have tried some stage 3 foods with her and they have met with much resistance and gagging. She can however handle finger food pretty well. She still does the puffs, Cheerios, and Wagon Wheels. She has also moved on to chunks of bread, small pieces of fruit, and small pieces of vegetables. With 6 teeth now, I think we will be completely done with the baby food soon. I also still nurse her about three times a day.
Her nights are still going strong. Now my only complaint is that she gets up a little early for my liking. (Funny how our tunes change, isn't it? A few months ago all I wanted was a solid night of sleep. Now I want to sleep in, too.) She still takes two naps a day each lasting around an hour or more most days.
 She is also still as sweet as can be. Her happiness and sheer determination is a joy to see.

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Lisa said...

Happy 10 months! I love the photos of her in the laundry basket with her legs hanging out now. How did you even get her to sit still?

Sounds like she's becoming quite the little mover!