Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July 2012

And here is what our July 3rd and July 4th looked like this year:
Upon hearing that it was a holiday, Peachy decided that we needed to decorate the house. She took it upon herself to create some.
We made cinnamon sugar tortilla chips to take to  a 4th gathering. Peachy was an excellent helper.
No holiday would be complete without some knife sharpening for Mr. Cherry. :)

Peachy posing with our patriotic pastries.

The 4th and pasta salad just go together.

Cream and Mr. Cherry enjoying some fireworks.

Mr. Cherry preserving Cream's hearing.

Peachy showing off her holiday ensemble. (And yes, she really does use that term.)

Patriotic toes.

Peachy in the Sparkler headband.

Cream's 4th ensemble.

Gearing up for the bike parade.

Thankfully this didn't last the entire block long parade. A friend helped me out by keeping Peachy on the sidewalk.

The decorating continues after the parade.


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

What a great holiday! Peachy is getting so big. Wow! Such a pretty girl.

Melissa Hurdle said...

Too cute! What a great day!

Lisa said...

Look at those smiles! They are just too cute all dressed up in their red, white & blue!