Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Show

*our booth #21*
So, this past weekend I rejoined the craft show circut. (Have you noticed that they aren't always referred to as craft shows anymore? This was a Junk Market with "Local Artisans." I get that they are trying to get away from the craft show stereotype, but I sometimes feel like a bit of a phony being called an artisan. I just craft, really.)
*our business cards*
Anyway, back to the show. Two friends and I have started this little craft business on the side. I love working with someone else. It helps me to fill a booth and keeps me on task. We don't necessarily create together, although we did a couple of times, but we discuss what we want to make and how we want to make it together.
*embellished frames*
So far we are just getting our feet wet. We have a Facebook page and then did this show. We hope to slowly grow it into more shows and maybe an online store, but are just taking it one step at a time.
*some of our merchandise displayed on an old high chair*

When I saw that a local shop would be having this one day market featuring refinished and re-purposed items along with "local artisans" with a very reasonable entry fee, I decided it would be the perfect place to debut our business. So we got up bright and early last Saturday and set up our tent in the store parking lot alongside other artisans and junk vendors.
*pacifier clips*
And let me tell you, there were some great items for sale at the market. The brightly colored refinished furniture, the vintage items, and the handcrafted fair were all great! Looking around before the show each of us fund items we would love to buy.
*old ladder merchandise display*
However, those items went fast! When the market opened at 9, the booths selling the vintage items were buzzing. The furniture was selling fast. We watched as the items we liked were quickly snatched up.

Since the focus was on the junk portion of the market, it took a little while to see the action at our tent. However, the customers eventually made there way over to the artisans and I think all of us did a good business as well. By 4 pm we were all tired, a little bit sunburned, and ready to pack it up for the day.
*the line before opening*
The weather was an absolute dream. Sunny skies with a cool start and a pleasantly warm finish. And thankfully the wind stayed down for the most part, not always something that you can count on in these parts.

We all came away with positive thoughts on the experience and now are looking for the next show!

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Lisa said...

That is so cool! I love the idea of doing this with a few friends so it's more fun and you can split the area. I'm totally jealous. Looks like a beautiful day too!