Thursday, May 24, 2012

Random Thursday

Hi All!
Today is a random kind of day. I have lots of littles going on right now and thought I would share some of it with you. Lucky!
*I bought the materials to make two floor poufs from the Living With Punks tutorial. I will share how they turn out.
*I will also begin working on some high school graduation presents today. The girls and I picked out the fabric earlier this week. Peachy is such a good fabric store shopper. She always manages to charm the store employees. I usually let her pick a fat quarter of her own when we are at the store. She is accumulating quite the stash.
*When we went to run errands yesterday I let Cream ride in the carts. Schlepping her around in the infant seat is getting to be quite the load for me. We even hit up Sam's Club where Peachy got to fulfill her months' long dream of rising in the cart next to Cream.
*This week I ran the farthest I think I have ever run at one time. I was at the gym and chose a fitness program on one of the treadmills and ran for the entire hour. Right as I was finishing wiping it off I was paged to childcare. Apparently Cream had received a little bit of a smack down from another baby and wouldn't calm down. It wasn't anything serious and once she spent some time with me and ate a bit she was fine. I didn't get the shower that I had planned, however, so I was pretty nasty.
*Yesterday Cream surprised me by clapping for me. It is so much fun when they learn a new trick.
*We just finished up our last day of in-home preschool. It was fun thinking back to hoe far these kiddos have come over the last few months.
*This afternoon I am off to get my haircut. It is always fun to have someone else wash and style your hair for you.
Time to get to sewing and laundrying and tidying up.

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Lisa said...

Yay for clapping and sitting in the cart!

That's awesome that you ran for an entire hour. I'm jealous that you were able to make it that long! You'll definitely be setting some records at your next 5k!