Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby Cream: 8 Months Old

This little lady turned 8 months old this week.

She has really grown in the last few months. I have a hard time remembering how big she really is and how old she really is.

She is still quite immobile which is just fine with this Momma. I know that she will be zooming all over the place eventually. Why not postpone the whole getting into things phase? For now I set her down and there she is in the same place when I return.

And she is such a pro at sitting. She will sit on her blanket for such a long time happily entertaining herself with toys. (That is unless her sister has come and taken them all away.)

Her sleeping has gotten so much better. Last night was almost a 12 hour night. Yay! She just needed to be taught how to stretch her nights out. That and we moved her bedtime up. I remember doing that with Peachy, too. She is also rocking a pretty good cold right now. So that makes her sleeping through the night even more of an accomplishment.

She is also completely moved downstairs with her big sister. They are doing a good job sharing a room. Our mornings do seem to start a little earlier, but it is so nice to have our room back to being OUR room.

She has a really good appetite as well. She still nurses, but also takes two to three feedings of solids throughout the day. She loves her Puffs and Cheerios as well.

Speaking of Puffs and Cheerios, her fine motor skills are sure developing. It is so much fun watching her manipulate large and small objects. She will also just sit and play with her fingers and thumb.

She still just has the two bottom teeth, but I really do think that there are more going to be making an appearance soon.

I am afraid that this is the age where they get a bit dependent on their mommas. And while it warms my heart that she loves me so much, it can make being gone and getting things done a bit difficult.

I can't wait to see where this month takes us!


Lisa said...

Happy 8 months to the big girl! I'm also treasuring those last few weeks before crawling and moving begins. That's going to be very tiring!

How does she do with the cheerios? Our daycare teacher said Connor seems ready, but I don't know if he doesn't have any teeth. Does she just suck on them until they get soft?

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

She is getting so big and she is just too cute! Hard to believe it's been 8 months.

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