Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby Cream: 6 Months

Somehow the little girl that we just welcomed into our family is already 6 months old. It really does feel as if I just had her one or two months ago and here she is half of a year old. For some reason 6 months is a big milestone in my mind. There is something about the 6 month mark that means you really don't have a newborn anymore. That your little baby is really growing up. Just imagine what 16 years will mean for me.

We were at the doctor this morning for her 6 month check-up and aside from having to go back on antibiotics for her ears, she is doing really well. She also handled the visit like a champ, a bit of a change from her four month appointment.
Little Cream is now:
16 pounds and 9 ounces (58%)
26 and one half inches long (74%)
and has a head circumference of 44 centimeters (86%)
We are still giving her some solids. So far we have done rice cereal, squash, avocado, and banana. Sometimes she will eat a decent amount and then there are other times where she just isn't all that interested. I also gave her a Mum Mum this weekend as her first finger food. She did very well with that. This isn't a surprise as she brings everything to her mouth. We got her the Chico 360 clip on high chair this month and she is a big fan of sitting at the table with us. It is still a little big for her so it looks like she is sitting in a hole or burrow. It is pretty cute.

She still just rolls from back to front. It is pretty amusing how quickly she gets herself flipped over when you put her down. Sometimes she will hang out on her tummy for a long time and sometimes she instantly gets mad at the injustice of being on her tummy.
Lately she has been amazing me with her eye-hand coordination. She really works hard at grasping anything that gets her attention. She also will sit there playing with her hands and examining them and what they can all do.

Peachy is her number one source of amusement and fascination. Her big sister's antics always capture her attention and quite often bring a giggle and a smile. It is so much fun watching the girls relate more and more to each other everyday.
Cream is still residing in our closet. I am in no hurry to get her down into her room downstairs. For now it is so much more convenient to have her a few steps away for pacifier reinsertion and night time feedings. Although she is really stretching out how long she can go without needing to be nursed. Lately it has been around 10 hours during the night. She is also on more of a predictable daytime routine as well with usually 3 naps a day.
Our little Cream still has a sunny and smiley disposition. She loves being able to take it all in and watch the action. You can almost sense that she can't wait to be a part of it all.

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Lisa said...

Happy 6 months, baby Cream! The photo of her in the laundry basket is adorable!