Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Miss Mischief

Lately my little Peachy has been keeping me on my toes. I recently made the comment that only a two and a half year old can make parenting an infant seem easy. :o) I find myself praying for the patience and wisdom that I need daily to parent her. Parenting is definitely not for whimps, I tell you.
In addition to the battle of wills we often engage in, here are just a few of the challenges Peachy has presented lately.
She has finally learned to open door knobs. This was bound to happen, but it was so nice to know that I could shut a door and keep her in or out of a certain room. Now when she wakes up in the morning she just comes out of her room and  upstairs. She will also often come into the bathroom while I am showering. Gone are the days of peaceful showers while she contentedly watched a show in the other room. The other morning when I heard her on the monitor and went down to get her up, she was not only up but had gotten herself dressed.
Speaking of getting dressed, this weekend we were at Mr. Cherry's parents' house. We were all sleeping downstairs, but she was in a different room from Mr. Cherry and I. She must have woken up at 10:30 pm and decided that it was high time that she get up and start her day. Without her father or I knowing it, she got up and completely dressed and headed upstairs. She knocked on the upstairs door and when her aunt opened it, there she was very happy and proud of herself.
She also found a pair of scissors this weekend and gave her hair a little trim. Thankfully it was just a little snip, this time. And since she is into hair styling she thought that it would be a good idea to coat her hair in baby lotion while we were getting ready for church.
As someone recently reminded me, at least we know that we have a very healthy and smart little girl. I just have to remind myself of that in the heat of the moment. I also have to remember that Peachy is a curious little girl doing what two year olds do to learn about the world around them. That and take deep breaths with a glass of wine or two.


The Ninja said...

I love this, my littles did stuff like this all the time. Easter Sunday two years ago Sunshine decided to draw all over herself with a Sharpie, 10 minutes before we were leaving for church.

Lisa said...

What a handful! She sounds like a little character! : )

Lexie said...

The story of my life. :) cut bangs or material that was of course cut in the wrong spot ie. on the fold :/ but you are right. We need to remind ourselves that are curious and we just need to be on our toes even when we have no energy.