Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby Cream: 4 Months

We have come a long way in the last month. Cream has developed a personality all her own and is more person than baby now. For the most part she is happy and content, but she still can erupt when things don't go quite her way. She has found several different voices that she likes to use including a lovely scream. For now it makes me laugh, but I can see where it might get old in the future. I thought for sure that I would be able to report her first tooth this month, but she is still working on them. Judging by the amount of drool and how she puts everything in her mouth I think they will be here this month. She also has started to giggle. At first I would have to tickle her, but now she will laugh when we are just playing together. Unfortunately her sleeping has regressed and is really wearing me out. Some nights she will only wake up once and others she is up every hour. New Year's Eve she decided that sleep was for the birds and she wanted to stay up instead. While Mr Cherry and I had not planned on staying up to ring in the New Year, that is just what we did while holding a baby, in our pajamas, in the Lay-Z-Boy. (We are real party animals, huh?) She has discovered her hands and is getting more and more coordinated in using them. She even gets her thumb in her mouth once in a while and happily sucks away. Around Christmas she figured out how to roll her body to the side. Her arms still get in the way of completely rolling over, and she gets a little frustrated. She loves attention and will look at someone and wait to make eye contact to reward them with a smile.

We had her in for her 4 month doctor appointment today and she sure showed them her grumpy side. She was doing fine until the blood pressure cuff beeped a little too loudly and then it was all crying and screaming. The doctor thought maybe she had an ear infection since she was so mad, but everything checked out. Turns out she was just mad.
4 Month Stats:
14 pounds 6 ounces (62%)
25 1/4 inch long (81%)
16 1/2 inch head circumference (75%)

Her tear duct is still blocked. There are days that it seems to be getting better and then it is all goopy again. I am praying that it clears up before we need medical intervention.
4 months is a great time with babies. Lots of the frustrations with newborns is gone and they are happy to be a part of the world. It is amazing watching them grow and develop each and every day.


Rachel said...

mother's milk is best! Nurtures your baby's tummy and cures just about anything. If you are nursing, put a little milk on her tear duct like you would drops and see if that helps....did for my girl.

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