Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Random Ramblings

-We got back from Thanksgiving last night. Both girls did a fantastic job of traveling. Such a blessing when you have to travel to see family.
-We got to spend time with both of our families.
-We had a great time. Peachy loved playing with her cousins and even "sleeping" in the same room as them.
-I went Black Friday shopping, but not in the typical sense. We didn't hit the stores until 10, a.m. that is. And then we leisurely got a few items at a few stores. I spent the most money at Trader Joes because we don't have one nearby and I love Trader Joes. We finished with a yummy lunch at Panera. Also god because we don't have one nearby. We left the kiddos at home with grandpa, dads, and uncles. They had fun burning and building.
-My mom and I enjoyed doing a 4 mile Jingle Bell walk/run on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately the gorgeous weather didn't hold out for us, but we made it. (We did the walk, by the way, not the run.)
-The girls and I are enjoying a lazy morning back at home. We will see when we get out of our pjs and if we even leave the house.
-I would like to get the house cleaned in the next few days so that I can start to decorate for Christmas. (I still can't believe that it is almost December already.)
-I feel that I have a good handle on Christmas shopping. It is always nice to be able to enjoy gift buying rather than stress about it.
-I need to get a good family picture for our Christmas cards. The card I found on Snapfish has landscape pictures and the family pictures that we have are all portrait. If I crop them to fit I crop out a kid. Not good. This will be the first year in probably a decade that I am just ordering cards and not making them.
-Life is good and  I am so thankful for all of my blessings. This is a good place to be.

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