Monday, November 21, 2011


We are blessed to be able to participate in many family oriented activities in our community. One such activity is a Family Fun class offered through our community education. We have been participating in this once a week class for the last year and Peachy loves it. We start our two hour session with together time in a preschool type classroom. There are plenty of activities that center on the theme for the day in addition to the other centers and toys around the room. During the second hour the kids stay in the room with one teacher while the parents go next door to have a topical discussion. At this time Cream stays with me, but as she gets older, she will be able to stay in with the other kids. The kids finish up in the gym with some free play time.
When Peachy gets up on Monday mornings she asks what I think Teacher Nancy will have out to play with that morning. One of her favorites is when there is paint out. I have to admit that I like it when the paint is out as well because the mess is at class not at home.

While this isn't the norm, you can see why!

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The Ninja said...

Oh! That's a mess! Wow. But it looks like fun!