Monday, November 14, 2011


Life with a two and a half year old is never dull. Our Peachy is learning and growing everyday. While she has always had great verbal skills, it still amazes me what she can all say now and how well she can communicate. Here are some of the things that we hear coming out of her mouth that make us smile:
-"tosmorning" which means this morning
-"I can't see my eyes." which means that it is dark and she can't see well.
-"Good supper that you made, momma." Peachy has recently started to praise my cooking skills. Whether it be cereal or a home cooked meal.
-"I awake in here." This is what we hear when she awakes in the morning and also sprinkled throughout nap time when she is "trying" to go to sleep.
-"Sisic" Her word for music.
-"Nicnic" Her word for picnic.
-"We'll go to (insert location here) Sunday" After we tell her we might go there someday.
Our Peachy Girl with a pair of training pants as a hat.

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The Ninja said...

Underwear as hat seems to be a popular look at my house as well these days, actually anything that is not a hat works well...pants, undies, shirts, swimming suits. It's pretty funny.