Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sisterly Love

We've had a lot of crying going on in the house lately. Miss Cream is going through a crabby stage. It is hard to tell what is just normal crabbiness for this age and what is brought on by some sort of discomfort. She is especially crabby at the end of the day and when she is with her daddy. Poor Mr. Cherry. I really don't think that it is anything that he does or doesn't do, it is just that she would rather be with momma. I keep telling him that soon enough I will be chopped liver and he will be her hero.
Peachy is also going through a crabby phase. It is hard to tell with her what is truly crying and what is crying for attention. After all, when Cream cries we do something about it. Why wouldn't we do the same for her?
I told Mr Cherry recently that some days I just need a set of ear plugs. :o) Don't worry, I will still take care of my daughters, I will just do it in a world of silence.
So, when we are having one of those crabby moments, I have to remind myself that there are good moments too. That is when looking at these pictures or seeing Peachy go and talk to "Bream" (Peachy pronounces Cream's name with a "B" at the beginning) really helps remind me that these days are fleeting and soon my girls will be playmates and co-conspirators.


Emily said...

What cuties you have! Enjoy the sweet times and relish in knowing the day can only be so long during the crabby ones! Love the pictures you post of your sweet family!

The Ninja said...

I remember that stage. Pumpkin was 20 months when Sunshine was born and for the first few weeks every time one cried the other would. Now they are 3 and 5 and inseparable. Pumpkin was sick last week and Sunshine kept bringing her blankets, so she could keep the "colds" away.

Your little girls are adorbs!

Lisa said...

aww! They're so adorable together!

Hope the crabby phase goes by quickly! Connor had his during weeks 6-7 and it's really nice to be back to normal now.

Lexie said...

I love the ear plug comment. totally agree... i often wonder if it would be easier to be a caregiver to children that you can't hear cry but can see ... then the blood pressure wouldn't rise, maybe?

Oh, what fun girls you have!