Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cream's Baptism Affirmation

Peachy enjoying some time with her cousin E.

In our family, we have decided to baptize our children in the hospital. We do this to avoid putting baptisms off while waiting for a convenient time for extended family to be available to come to the actual baptism in church.
Cream being cuddle by her aunt J.
We then acknowledge our child's baptism during a church service in an affirmation of baptism. We did the same for Peachy when she was born. (Funnily enough, that post about Peachy's affirmation is the post that gets the most spam comments in my inbox. Must be the combination of words.)
It was a nice enough weekend we could enjoy some time on the deck.
Several weekends ago the members of our families who could make it joined us for a quick weekend celebration of Cream becoming a child of God. It was wonderful to have house full of visiting family.
Grandpa with Miss Cream
And of course to introduce many of them to our newest daughter. Unfortunately Peachy was battling quite the cold at the time.
Cream with one of her great grandmas
She had a rough night of it before affirmation, but made it through the service with some extra cuddles.
Cream with her sponsors and aunties
Grandmas, grandpas, and great grandma with Cream
The best we could do for a family picture

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