Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY Baby Playmat

Here it is, my newest creation. (Not the baby, she's been around for 7 weeks, the playmat.)
 Cream "needed" a playmat and I decided to try my hand at making my own. One hula hoop, several yards of fabric, batting, 9 buttons, and a yard of elastic later, she has her playmat. I didn't take pictures as I made it, so no real tutorial here, but I will give you a run down of how  I created it. I started by cutting a hula hoop in half with a hack saw. (Little did I know that a wave hula hoop means that it is filled with water. Good thing I did my sawing in the garage.) I then sewed fabric tubes to cover each hula hoop arch. As I sewed I inserted loops of elastic that could be used to hang toys off the arches.
It took me a while to figure out how I would attach the arches to the mat, I ended up using two half circles of fabric sewn together with button holes on each corner. So, I made a sandwich with the batting, backing, and top fabric and inserted the half circles onto each corner. Then I sewed two buttons onto each end of each arch.
In order to secure the arches when they are up, I sewed an elastic loop and button on one arch. I simply wrap the elastic around both arches and secure it with the loop.

While this playmat doesn't come with all of the bells and whistles that the store bought ones do, it should do the trick for the few months that Cream will make use of it.

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Kelly said...

Awesome idea! I have one of these from when my boys were little... somewhere. I love the idea of making your own though, you did a great job!

Lisa said...

What a cute idea! We just set up our play mat a few days ago, but we could use another one for the family room. Great idea!

Kate @ craftwhatever said...

Saw this at CRAFT...just genius! I would have never thought- hula hoops! Nice job!

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

This looks awesome! Love it!


PS. I have my first real giveaway happening with some awesome nursery or kids room art prints. If you're interested, come by and check it out!

Cook Clean Craft said...

So cute! I would never had thought to make one. Now who can I make one for?

Marilyn said...

So super cute, love this..I'm officially following you from ..I'm Marilyn and really love your blog..Hope you can stop in and visit sometime..Off to indulge in more of your treats..Ty..

ladywiththeredrocker said...

This is so stinking cute! Love that you can make whatever colors you want. This would be a great baby gift! Thanks for sharing! Congrats on the new baby!
Stephanie @

Kim @ seven thirty three said...

That is the best! And I bet it was a lot less than the store bought ones... and I like your fabrics WAY more! Seriously, all they need are some hanging toys to bat at! :)

Thanks for linking with Sugar & Spice.

Kayla Danelle Anderson said...

Genius! Love it!

Felicia @ All Things Fee said...

Great job! I have a store bought one from my baby shower from baby number one, and honestly I hang anything and everything from it. The toys that came with it are kind of boring! Wish I thought about it!

Marie said...

It turned out super cute! Great job! Thanks so much for linking up with us at Show & Share! Can't wait to see you again on Wednesday!


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