Monday, March 28, 2011


Our little Peachy has turned into quite a little fishy. While she is still not the biggest fan of getting a face full of water, she loves everything else to do with it. We were able to go swimming two times lately, indoors of course, and both times she had a blast. She will actually squeal with delight at the mere prospect of going swimming.
Playing with her buddy, 'Bel. (Thanks for the pictures, Lisa!)
Our first swimming outing was to small indoor waterpark that is connected to a hotel in the area. She loved being in the wadding pool and went down the small slide a few times. The bathtub toys I brought along kept her busy for literally hours.
Last night we joined members of our church at an area middle school's indoor pool. I was a little worried that she would be disappointed that there wasn't a wadding area and there weren't any slides. She was just happy to be in the water whether in here floating ring or being held by mom or dad.
She wasn't too sure about getting splashed int he beginning, but by the end it was a hit.
Even though both occasions ended with purple, quivering lips, she wanted more. I can't wait until the snow melts, the weather warms up, and our outdoor wading pools open. (Yeah, maybe in July!)

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