Wednesday, March 9, 2011

16 Weeks with Number Two

For a while this pregnancy was so different from my pregnancy with Peachy. I really didn't miss a beat while pregnant with Peachy. This time around though was a little more challenging. The month of January was rough around here. I spent lots of time on the couch being miserable while Mr. Cherry and Peachy listened to me sigh. I got the basics done around the house and that was about it. Thankfully February was much better and now that I am in the second trimester I am really feeling good. I even have completed a few sewing projects and made a menu
It is so true that the second pregnancy goes so much more quickly than the first. We already have our ultrasound scheduled, people! (As with Peachy we are going to wait to be surprised with this little one's gender.) In addition to time going more quickly, so does the growth process. While I wouldn't say that my bump is all that much bigger this time, it didn't take long for my hips and bottom to spread out. I haven't been able to wear my pre-pregnancy pants without modifications for quite some time and now am almost completely in maternity bottoms.
We are so thankful that the Lord has blessed us with another miracle. We are all too aware that many out there are not able to achieve this dream and our hearts and prayers go out to all those struggling. We pray that the Lord continues to bless this babe that he or she  may continue to develop fully and normally.
Sorry. I don't know why this is so fuzzy. That is what you get when you use the self-timer.
PS Mr Cherry's sister came up with the winning in-utero name for this little one. She suggested Little Cream to go with Peachy. So we will have Peachy and Cream.


oodalollies said...

Peachy and Cream - how CUTE!

My parents decided to keep me a surprise and I've always thought that was so neat, and I don't really know anyone else who has had the patience to do that! Very cool (:

You're one cute preggy lady!

Kasey said...

You look great! Enjoy every moment!

Anonymous said...

We have a 22 month old and I'm 16 weeks pregnant with baby #2 also! I'm due 8/22 and it's going by so quick. Sometimes I don't remember how far along I am until I check my e-mail from! It is way different this time around!