Friday, March 18, 2011

Foodie Friday: St. Patrick's Day Meal

While I don't have much of the Irish in me, I have enough to celebrate the big green day with the rest of America. (And having a red-headed daughter has to count for something, right?) As usual I served up a yummy dinner of corned beef with cabbage. This year I also added Irish Soda Bread from Brown Eyed Baker. It was super easy and we all enjoyed the results, a dense, biscuit like round bread. Of course, those of us who could imbibe washed it all down with a Guinness.
We also attended our area's Celtic Festival. While I didn't find the acts as good as previous years, it was worth the trip and free admission seeing Peachy enjoy the music and dancing so much. I wish  I had brought a camera along to capture a moment or two of that joy. Whenever there was a break in the music she would yell out, "Music!" And her little feet couldn't stay still while watching some young dancers perform Irish steps. While watching a small quartet perform in an open area she showed off some moves of her own and organized her grandma, grandpa, mom, and dad into a sort of line dance. (She  even took off her shoes and made grandma take hers off as well.)
Since we enjoyed our St Patty's Day meal over the weekend, I served up our buffalo chicken sandwiches on green buns last night that I picked up in a last minute run to the grocery store. I will have to post the sandwich recipe another day, but here is the picture.

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