Monday, October 18, 2010

Leaf Wreath

Have you heard of The CSI Project challenges? The bloggers over at CSI (Create Something Inspiring) pick a secret crafting "ingredient" that the entries must all incorporate. Most recently it was Halloween projects with Krylon spray paint. A while back, the "ingredient" was paint samples. I happily raided Wal-Mar'ts paint isle and loaded up. While I picked up the paint chips in time, I failed to complete my craft in time. Oh well, there were some pretty great crafts out there anyway. And now that I finished my paint chip project, we are enjoying it here at home.
The paint chips that I choose were large cards of a single color, I believe they were Better Homes and Gardens. With the help of the Cricut, I made each chip into a leaf shape. I hot glued each leaf shape to a styrofaom wreath that I had wrapped with gross grain ribbon. Quick, easy, and inexpensive!

Do you ever wonder what the people who work in these paint departments think when the crafsters raid their paint samples? I am always kind of trying to be inconspicuous about the whole thing, just in case they look down on taking paint samples that are not really being used for sampling paint.

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