Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The House with the Red Door

Another thing to cross off of the to do list. The front door has been painted red!! After the installation of the storm door, we removed the door and hauled it to the garage. There Mr. Cherry removed the hardware and we taped around the edges. Then it was time to prime. I used Bullseye 1-2-3 primer tinted to gray. Two coats of primer later and it was on to the painting. Here I used a exterior latex. I think I ended up with about four coats of the latex. Once it was dry and the hardware was reattached, we hung it and stood back to admire our new door. 

Unfortunately, between the storm door and the covered porch the red is quite hard to see. Oh well, I still have a red door on my house!! The houses that surround us are all the same plan, meaning, they all look the same. We already have the only blue house in our neighborhood. And now we also are the only house with a red front door!!


Smith Family said...

I LOVE it. Especially with the red accents all over the porch. Great job.

Lisa said...

Found your link at Sew Much Ado! We too are in the process of painting our front door! Yours looks great!