Thursday, September 2, 2010

This and That and This and That

I was planning on doing a weekend in review post at the beginning of this week. Seeing as it is already Thursday, I better get going on that. We were so happy to welcome not just one, but two sets of company for the weekend. My younger sister was able to sneak up to see us before she heads out to do round one of her student teaching. It is always great to have a shopping buddy and fashion assistant around. Her visit over lapped with Mr. Cherry's parents by about half of an hour on Sunday. Mr. Cherry wasted no time in putting his dad to work. They were able to get all of the deck boards installed as well as a storm door! Not bad since they were only here about 24 hours! My mother-in-law hung out with Peachy and I while the boys slaved away. Unfortunately Peachy was feeling a bit under the weather and really just wanted to cuddle her momma.
I wish that these were are only house guests of the weekend, but we were also invaded by a swarm of mosquitoes. Somehow they around 30 of the little pests managed to sneak into the house with us Sunday evening. We spent a good amount of time swatting and wiping the walls. Our city sprays for mosquitoes, but there are still plenty of them hanging around. Poor Peachy has gotten a new crop of bites all over!
We are looking forward to more company this weekend. And Mr. Cherry is hoping to get more of the deck work done. (Maybe I will be able to take advantage of the extra set of hands and get our front door painted.

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