Thursday, September 9, 2010

16 Months of Sweetness

This little girl turns 16 months tomorrow! These days she is all about communicating. She has many words: puppy, kitty, woof, snack, uh-oh, momma, daddy, thank you, Barbie, baby, Stacy, Monty, baa baa, hi, and ball are the ones that come to mind right now. She has also started to say, "Where is it?" You really wouldn't know what she is saying without seeing the hand gesture that accompanies this statement. Her little hands turn up and she shrugs her shoulders. Too cute!
She loves to say "hi!" to people, but not if they day it first. Then she plays shy. The other day while we were grocery shopping she was saying hi to everybody. If they didn't return her greeting she simply said it louder. I finally had to tell her not to yell at people because they wouldn't think it was very nice.
She is a great mimicker. I will make a noise and pretty soon I hear her making the same sound. She continues to be fluent in her own gibberish as well. Give this girl anything that resembles a phone and off she goes. Give her a real phone with someone on the other end and all she wants to do is push buttons. Go figure!
She has also become quite the affectionate little hugger. This is extra special as she has never been much for snuggling. Nothing beats the feeling I get when she runs up to me and puts her little arms around me and pats my back. This gesture is usually short lived, but still melts my heart.
She is constantly on the move. Lately she has been into climbing. I found her on top of the table one day. She also loves to get into whatever she knows she is not supposed to get into.
 We will obviously have to find a new place to keep the rum as I found her with the bottle recently. (Good thing she doesn't know how to open twist tops yet!) She is also very determined. At times this means a battle of the wills and at times it results is her occupying herself for long stretches of time.
She is truly a sweet pea!!


Anonymous said...

Soooo sweet! I love this post!! Pictures are adorable. lala

Anonymous said...

My son, Cash, turned 16 months a couple of days ago and it's great to hear about your little girl and what she is doing! Cash is all over the place too!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Wow! 16 months already? She's just such a doll.