Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Surprise! Its a Baby Shower

All the Moms and Kiddos--Hey, you try to get 7 kids to look at a camera and smile at the same time!
So, on Monday I told you that I was able to help host two baby showers recently. The second baby shower was actually a surprise for the mom-to-be. The best part about this surprise shower? We hosted it at her house!!  Becky's first child is already in Peachy's playgroup, but soon her second child will be joining us. 
My Decoration Contribution--a Cricut Made Garland
Even though it is her second, we wanted to show her some love and throw her a surprise shower. The only problem is that she is out of town a lot and we didn't want her missing her own shower. So, we decided that the next time she hosted playgroup we would bring the shower to her.

We all showed up and went into the house like nothing was going on. Once we were all there one of the moms "realized that she forgot something in her car."
We like any excuse to make and eat yummy food!
Another mom went out to help her and they brought in the party supplies and presents from all of our cars. Becky didn't suspect a thing until they came in with the balloons and yelled, "Surprise!"
I had the moms bring baby pictures of themselves and their child and we tried to guess who was who.
We then took over the house, tossing up party decor and laying out food in the kitchen. After we all had our first helping of the yummy food, we started in with the games and opening of presents. We had such a great time!
The Cute, Cute, Cute Favors!

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Danielle said...

How awesome and a great way to make the surprise happen! Great job!