Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Your Ordinary Baby Shower

I have been blessed to help "throw" two baby showers over the past few weeks. Both were a bit non-traditional and both were lots of fun. The first shower was for my brother-in-law and his wife. Unfortunately our family is so spread out it is hard for us all to get together. When I had Peachy, the sister-in-laws through a shower via the mail for us. We decided to go the same route this time. I mailed out "invites" to family members asking for a contribution to a few larger items off of their registry. Included with the invite was an index card and a request for parenting words of wisdom. The cards will all be assembled and and sent to the parents-to-be. If you are ever unable to gather those who are near and dear for a shower, I would definitely encourage you to go this route. It is a wonderful way to show that you all care even if you can't be there.
(I'll fill you in on the other shower later this week.)

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Sara Caauwe said...

My sisters and I are in the process of a by mail wedding shower asking for donations to a gift card and recipes because our future sister-in-law lives in Alaska, and not only are we so spread out, the shipping to AK is astronomical.