Monday, August 31, 2009

Why Do Weekends Have to End?

I think that I almost look forward to weekends more now than when I was teaching. There is just something so nice about being a complete family for those two days. This weekend M didn't go into work at all and it was wonderful. We didn't have any major plans, but that was okay. We have been busy the last few weekends and just hanging out without agenda was the agenda.

Friday afternoon Little Peachy and I walked to a few garage sales in the neighborhood. I got some clothes for the next season for our little girl. It was actually chilly here this weekend and it got me thinking about the fall. I even had to dig a jacket out for Peachy to wear on our walks. That evening we all went for another walk. I will miss our walks once winter hits.

Saturday morning we all slept in and got off to a slow and easy start. Then it was off to run errands. It is so nice to have someone else along when out and about. One of us can get Peachy while the other gets the cart. Things really do work out well when working in pairs. I was able to blanch and freeze two large summer squash given to me by a friend. I plan on using them for baby food once Little Peachy starts on solids.
I also made my second batch of homemade laundry soap. The first batch worked out well and I still had all of the necessary ingredients on hand.
We grilled out that evening and also had a fire in our newly acquired fire pit. Peachy loves being outside and enjoyed sitting by the fire with her mom and dad. We figured it was good practice for her first camping trip in a few weekends.
Sunday we were off to have our spirit renewed in church. After a wonderful service, including a hymn sing, we went out to lunch with some of our church friends. Little Peachy bravely fought off sleep for most of the time we were away from home. So by the time we finally made it home it was off to bed for nap time. M and I enjoyed some rest time ourselves while watching the Bond marathon on USA.
Weekends really make me realize how blessed we are as a family. How sad that not every family enjoys the time that they have to spend together. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my time.

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