Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rave: Baby Supplies Part 3

Little Peachy's ceiling fan addiction has branched out. Don't worry, ceiling fans are still her first love, but they are now closely followed by mobiles. Her Pack N Play came with a wind up mobile that we attached after seeing her love for all things overhead. Although the music annoys her parents, she can sit and look at it for minutes on end. And when she begins to tire of it, all you have to do is pivot it to a new spot and it is a whole new toy.

Seeing the joy this mobile brought our daughter, we also purchased a mobile for her crib. (I hope this isn't the first step to becoming over indulgent parents.) She loves her little ocean friends. (Almost too much in fact. When you put her down for a nap the sleep instantly leaves her eyes as she starts smiling at them and talking to them.) As parents we feel we are helping to shape her little mind as you have your choice of ocean sounds, Bach, Beethoven, or Mozart. Fun and educational all rolled into one. Too good to be true.

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Emily said...

She is so so cute!