Monday, August 24, 2009

Rave: Baby Supplies Part 2

Ah,the magic of the bouncy chair! When an important task is at hand, your friend bouncy chair comes to the rescue. Need to eat some lunch? Bouncy seat is your friend!! Need to take a shower? Your child will be content to wile away the minutes in her friend bouncy chair. Need to write a blog post? Bouncy chair! You get the idea.

Peachy's bouncy chair comes with some key features such as the vibrating seat and the attachable woodland friends bar. I have found that a slow build up is the key to making the best use of the bouncy chair and its features. 1. Place the child in the seat. 2. When child starts to fuss, turn on the vibrations. 3. If the child happens to fuss again, add the toy bar. These three simple steps will bring you at least ten minutes of hands-free fun. (Just enough time to take a shower!! Then again, if you are in the shower, you most likely won't be hopping in and out to attach toys, but you get the idea.)

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