Thursday, June 25, 2009

No One Better

Today marks M and my fourth year of marriage. (It is our sixth year of couple-hood if you wanted to know.) As cliche as it sounds, I find myself more in love with this man everyday. What started as a fun love blossomed into romance from which has grown the kind of love that brings us ever more dependant on each other everyday into our old age, the good Lord willing.

If you will permit me, I am going to be quite honest with you today. Ever since our little one was born I have been deeply humbled. Something--motherhood--that I thought would come quite naturally and easily to me has been more challenging than I could have ever thought. The excess hormones, lack of sleep, and seeming loss of independence has taken its toll on me. Yet through all of this M has been there for me, an understanding pillar by my side. It has really made me realize how much I have come to depend on this man--this wonderfully perfect for me man--the Lord placed in my life. I have always known what a great husband M was for me, but this life event really brought that point home. I know there is no one better suited for me than my M.

Thanks for four wonderful years, M. May the Lord grant us many more to come!!


Emily said...

Happy Anniversary. And thanks for being honest, it's always refreshing. Enjoy your love day!

Nathan Smith said...

Well said. I can think of no higher compliment. Congratulations you two!